Happy Morning Light

12 Dec
full spectrum light

Cheer up, it's sunny inside today!

I am always a little happier when I wake up and the sun is shining.  So about a week ago I found this light at a local big box store and tossed it in my shopping cart.

Man, do I like this new light.

I replaced my bedside lamp with this and use it at night to read before bed.  The colors in my Yoga magazine really pop! I think I have been going to sleep a little happier because of the nice colors and the ease of reading on the eyes.

In the morning:

  • I pop on my Happy Light,
  • Grab my Djembe drum for a minute
  • Then hop on over to the personal hygiene room and brush the ivory
– and my day is off to a happy start.
This actually seems to be working pretty well, especially after a good night sleep with my earplugs in!

Here’s a link if you want to get a happy light through Amazon.com:

It is still not extremely easy to wake up in the morning, but every little helpful bit I am discovering is starting to add up!   I like the happy light!

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