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Wake Up Duty

28 Oct
Ancient weapons of mass destruction

Image by vintagedept via Flickr

Good morning soldier,

Today you must prepare yourself for duty in your own personal quest!

Get you groove on and move out!

Here are your orders:



Relax!                                                                (calmly assess your surroundings)

Look Alive!                                                       (endeavor to at least look  alert)

Sit Up, or roll over to Child Pose!      (start the journey towards vertical)

Make Ready the Coffee Machine!       (pop some vitamins if you got em)

Prepare the weapon of mass destruction!       (tooth brush)

Engage the enemy                                                            (plaque)

Scrub and suit up!                                                          (dress)

Chow down!                                                                       (eat)

Make a Plan!                                                                 (strategize)

Get additional WMDs HERE.

Elusive Motivation

11 Oct
Golf twilight golf.

Image via Wikipedia

“I sometimes suffer from a lack of motivation when I wake up.” 

This is not true if I am heading off to the golf course, or waking up to go fishing at 4am, so what’s the deal?


  • Maybe I am subconsciously remembering crummy things that happened yesterday,
  • Perhaps manually remembering something good from yesterday would help.
  •  OK, well, lunch was good yesterday, and I made some progress business wise so that was good –
  • Maybe I don’t need to dread today so much.  
  • Is there anything to look forwards to today?
  • Perhaps something good will happen today that I am not expecting!
  • Perhaps I could plan something good and try to fit it in today.
  • I know, I’ll stop by the Library and check out a book later today.  That would be fun.

Today might have some redeeming value after all!

  • Even though it is raining this morning, I am going to try and look forward to today.  Let me just get some coffee now.

Break Slow!

29 Sep
A Swiss Train

Image via Wikipedia

Routine is boring!

Last night I went to bed really early, like 9pm.  I was bushed from a 1 hr 17,5 mile bike ride Tuesday after work, and a hard workout Wednesday after work at the health club where i am doing TRX.  Learn more about TRX HERE.

So today I was able to get up really refreshed at 6:45 and I don’t even have to commute today!

Nice thing abut being a consultant is I can occasionally work from home.  So today it is: Get a cup of coffee and a piece of Dave’s Killer bread toast going, and email my clients that they can reach me at home this morning.

I am not going to hurry today.  But I will still get a lot done.

After my coffee I stretch and do some yoga, then I plan to work on a few web development tasks for clients.

I can here the train whistling but I don’t have to hustle, nice.