Break Slow!

29 Sep
A Swiss Train

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Routine is boring!

Last night I went to bed really early, like 9pm.  I was bushed from a 1 hr 17,5 mile bike ride Tuesday after work, and a hard workout Wednesday after work at the health club where i am doing TRX.  Learn more about TRX HERE.

So today I was able to get up really refreshed at 6:45 and I don’t even have to commute today!

Nice thing abut being a consultant is I can occasionally work from home.  So today it is: Get a cup of coffee and a piece of Dave’s Killer bread toast going, and email my clients that they can reach me at home this morning.

I am not going to hurry today.  But I will still get a lot done.

After my coffee I stretch and do some yoga, then I plan to work on a few web development tasks for clients.

I can here the train whistling but I don’t have to hustle, nice.

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