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Break Medium Speed

30 Sep
downward dog posture I took this picture for u...

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Roll out, feed cat, get coffee going, grab toothbrush (Sonicare), turn on my Clubmix V1 at crawl back in bed while teeth are brushing.

Start my easy Yoga routine

View this sequence at

  • child pose
  • child pose reaching with crawling claws
  • camel pose (hump back)
  • looking up arched back (cat pose)
  • camel (again)
  • cat (again)
  • downward dog
  • right leg lunge stretch
  • left leg lunge stretch
  • right leg lunge stretch (again)
  • left leg lunge stretch (again)
  • Sun salutation
  • straight leg toes touch
  • bent legs toes floor touch
  • straight leg toes touch (again)
  • bent leg (again)
  • Tree pose
Get coffee!  Make toast.
Add cheese to toast, peal a hard boiled egg.
Grab an apple for the road and break home camp.
1.5 hours from bed to car.  Not a break fast by any means!  But I felt like a champ when I left.

Break Slow!

29 Sep
A Swiss Train

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Routine is boring!

Last night I went to bed really early, like 9pm.  I was bushed from a 1 hr 17,5 mile bike ride Tuesday after work, and a hard workout Wednesday after work at the health club where i am doing TRX.  Learn more about TRX HERE.

So today I was able to get up really refreshed at 6:45 and I don’t even have to commute today!

Nice thing abut being a consultant is I can occasionally work from home.  So today it is: Get a cup of coffee and a piece of Dave’s Killer bread toast going, and email my clients that they can reach me at home this morning.

I am not going to hurry today.  But I will still get a lot done.

After my coffee I stretch and do some yoga, then I plan to work on a few web development tasks for clients.

I can here the train whistling but I don’t have to hustle, nice.

Break Fast!

28 Sep

Roll out of bed, find Sonicare toothbrush, load some toothpast and climb back into bed while teeth are being brushed.  God, I am lazy in the morning!

Roll out again, rinse, put toothbrush back,  and head to kitchen.

Start a pot of 12 Hard Boiled Eggs, hop in shower.

A dozen boiled eggs with lion marks visible in...

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After shower feed cat, grab a container and drop in some goodies for breakfast snacks

  • 3 hard boiled eggs,
  • 1/2″ thick slice of jack cheese cut into 1/2″ strips,
  • break up some cauliflower pieces.

Eggs – protein check, Cauliflower – carbs check, Cheese – fat check.  Good to go!

Put the rest of eggs, cauliflower and cheese back in refrigerator.

Grab a cup of cold leftover coffee and head out the door.

Bed to car in 15 minutes with food and coffee to go.

Now that is breaking fast!

On the way to the bus station I munch on cauliflower and cheese and drink coffee.  Eat an egg at the station and get on the bus!  Whew, I just made it!