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Jungle Fever

8 Nov
Djembe is a popular drum throughout West Africa.

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Yesterday I chronicled the successful results of Falling Awake.

Waking up by doing the opposite of trying to fall asleep.

  • Think of a bunch of random things
  • Start moving and making noise using a drum of some kind

I successfully woke my reluctant self up quite handily this morning at 5:55am despite feeling a slight cold coming on and muscle soreness from working out yesterday evening.  The random thoughts part did not really do much but the drumming gently woke me up for sure!

I happen to have a wooden Djembe hand drum like the one above.  The Djembe drum I have is about 24″ tall, which seems a little large to be dragging under the covers, but I leave the top out and just start tapping on it.  Pretty soon I want to hear its full sound so I have to pull the covers back to uncover it.  Then to get a nicer pop, I have to focus on hitting it better which engages my hand/brain coordination.  Next thing you know, I am jamming out a groove on it and I am awake.

You could use an old coffee can or something equivalent.  I think any smallish drum type thing would work really.

It is kind of a Primal way to wake up for sure.  Give it a try!

Next I shall have to work on a standard post wake up protocol, something along the lines of the Basic Day Template.  I could probably just use the BDT, but I would like to somehow automate it.

Basic Day Template

10 Oct
Nervous sytem.

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There are many ways to start a new day.  For me it boils down to the following 4 things:

  • Brush teeth – Start off with fresh breath and get the germs out of your mouth for health reasons.
  • Do some Yoga or Stretching of some kind to get your nervous system engaged.
  • Bath and get dressed to get yourself presentable.
  • Eat something healthy to get your energy reserves charged up.

Also good to add:

  • Put on some music to get in a good mood.
  • Make a list of what you are going to do today to improve your organizational productivity.
  • Be loving to those you live with to inspire and nurture your friends and family.
  • Clean up after yourself to reduce the messy footprint on your environment.
  • Say out loud something you are thankful for as an important grounding and uplifting life thought.

Yoga and stretching are somewhat of a luxury because they can be a little time consuming, but I think the reward is worth getting up perhaps a little earlier for!

That’s it for this post.  More of a guide post than a personal blog but it fits with my purpose for starting this site, which is to help others who struggle as I do with getting up in the morning.