About Me

Holly Cow really?

I am trying to live my life, get a little healthier than ever before, and inspire others.

I bike, swim, I kayak, I sing Karaoke, I write songs, I am trying to get back to where I can jog without hurting myself. Turning 50 this year sucked!  Better than not getting to turn 50 though! I am a bit of a slob (need to change that), sometimes lazy, don’t mind working hard with a purpose, and not as good looking as I used to be. Other than that, I think I am a pretty fun guy.

This site is really about trying to make a fresh start every day.  Seems to me  days  somehow have a way of blurring into each other.  Maybe life would be better if we could get a little useful fun first thing instead of the old news paper, TV,  or news website.

Maybe others will relate to my quest for a little quirky fun posting on my part.  Thanks.

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