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25 Oct

Image by zigazou76 via Flickr


You don’t really have to be perfect.  I’m not.  Today I barely managed to get 4 of the 8 things in my Daily Template post accomplished.

  • Brushed my teeth with my weapon of mass destruction (tooth brush).
  • Showered and got dressed.
  • Ate a  healthy something.
  • Was thankful for not having a migraine headache like I did  Saturday morning.

I did not stretch, listen to music, clean up after myself, or be loving to those I live with (well, my housemate was out of town so I did not have an opportunity).

So I managed about 50% on my list.  At least I am somewhat keeping track.  I am really trying to monitor my own habits.  By recognizing my shortfalls I can try to show improvement tomorrow.

You obviously do not need to follow my list, but you might want to make one of your own and see how closely you can follow it.

Do your best most of the time and take note when you are slacking. 

Break Medium Speed

30 Sep
downward dog posture I took this picture for u...

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Roll out, feed cat, get coffee going, grab toothbrush (Sonicare), turn on my Clubmix V1 at Playlist.com  http://pl.st/p/21433295371 crawl back in bed while teeth are brushing.

Start my easy Yoga routine

View this sequence at YogaJournal.com

  • child pose
  • child pose reaching with crawling claws
  • camel pose (hump back)
  • looking up arched back (cat pose)
  • camel (again)
  • cat (again)
  • downward dog
  • right leg lunge stretch
  • left leg lunge stretch
  • right leg lunge stretch (again)
  • left leg lunge stretch (again)
  • Sun salutation
  • straight leg toes touch
  • bent legs toes floor touch
  • straight leg toes touch (again)
  • bent leg (again)
  • Tree pose
Get coffee!  Make toast.
Add cheese to toast, peal a hard boiled egg.
Grab an apple for the road and break home camp.
1.5 hours from bed to car.  Not a break fast by any means!  But I felt like a champ when I left.