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18 Oct
Focussing Hard

Image by Sam Judson via Flickr

Focus is something I seem to lack when I wake up.  I am a person that does not like alarm clocks in general, so usually I just wake up.  But when I do wake up it feels like everything is a blur.   It is like the whole world is mentally out of focus because I have been in the dream world.

By trying to focus on something, I can then climb into reality, and begin to function, get out of park and into drive so to speak.

Whatever you choose to focus on is up to you.  When you do focus, I think you will find getting up a little easier.

I try to narrow my focus to achieving one of the 8 things in my basic  day template like Yoga.  Then the other 7 things kind of follow.

Basic Day Template

10 Oct
Nervous sytem.

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There are many ways to start a new day.  For me it boils down to the following 4 things:

  • Brush teeth – Start off with fresh breath and get the germs out of your mouth for health reasons.
  • Do some Yoga or Stretching of some kind to get your nervous system engaged.
  • Bath and get dressed to get yourself presentable.
  • Eat something healthy to get your energy reserves charged up.

Also good to add:

  • Put on some music to get in a good mood.
  • Make a list of what you are going to do today to improve your organizational productivity.
  • Be loving to those you live with to inspire and nurture your friends and family.
  • Clean up after yourself to reduce the messy footprint on your environment.
  • Say out loud something you are thankful for as an important grounding and uplifting life thought.

Yoga and stretching are somewhat of a luxury because they can be a little time consuming, but I think the reward is worth getting up perhaps a little earlier for!

That’s it for this post.  More of a guide post than a personal blog but it fits with my purpose for starting this site, which is to help others who struggle as I do with getting up in the morning.

Break Medium Speed

30 Sep
downward dog posture I took this picture for u...

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Roll out, feed cat, get coffee going, grab toothbrush (Sonicare), turn on my Clubmix V1 at Playlist.com  http://pl.st/p/21433295371 crawl back in bed while teeth are brushing.

Start my easy Yoga routine

View this sequence at YogaJournal.com

  • child pose
  • child pose reaching with crawling claws
  • camel pose (hump back)
  • looking up arched back (cat pose)
  • camel (again)
  • cat (again)
  • downward dog
  • right leg lunge stretch
  • left leg lunge stretch
  • right leg lunge stretch (again)
  • left leg lunge stretch (again)
  • Sun salutation
  • straight leg toes touch
  • bent legs toes floor touch
  • straight leg toes touch (again)
  • bent leg (again)
  • Tree pose
Get coffee!  Make toast.
Add cheese to toast, peal a hard boiled egg.
Grab an apple for the road and break home camp.
1.5 hours from bed to car.  Not a break fast by any means!  But I felt like a champ when I left.