Elusive Motivation

11 Oct
Golf twilight golf.

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“I sometimes suffer from a lack of motivation when I wake up.” 

This is not true if I am heading off to the golf course, or waking up to go fishing at 4am, so what’s the deal?


  • Maybe I am subconsciously remembering crummy things that happened yesterday,
  • Perhaps manually remembering something good from yesterday would help.
  •  OK, well, lunch was good yesterday, and I made some progress business wise so that was good –
  • Maybe I don’t need to dread today so much.  
  • Is there anything to look forwards to today?
  • Perhaps something good will happen today that I am not expecting!
  • Perhaps I could plan something good and try to fit it in today.
  • I know, I’ll stop by the Library and check out a book later today.  That would be fun.

Today might have some redeeming value after all!

  • Even though it is raining this morning, I am going to try and look forward to today.  Let me just get some coffee now.

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