Will to Win

5 Nov
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When watching a UFC fight the commentators will talk about the fighters “will to win”.

Even in training – always bringing the will to win is a big factor.

On the mornings when I am not wanting to get up I think I am missing this.  So tomorrow I am going to try to bring it.  I am going to win over the hibernation instinct.

Tomorrow is Sunday, I usually sleep in.  But not this tomorrow.  I am going to kick the mornings ass!  Then I am going to kiss my cat and be thankful for something.

I will post tomorrow how it turns out.

One Response to “Will to Win”


  1. Falling Awake « Start of a New Day - November 7, 2011

    […] the “Will to Win” idea did not pan out for me today.  I tried, but i could not get into the winning mindset […]

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